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absolutely love this collection!!
atram95 Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
These draws are true Masterpiece!! Congratulation I love it!!
Oh please do Princess Bride.
ElvenAngel May 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
These are beautiful! Will you do more? Please do some more! They're gorgeous!
Just wonderfull. My favorites are Lydia, Lili and Sarah
SilenceInside-Stock Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I love all!!!!!!!!!! :love: :heart:
Theses are so amazing!!! When i saw them i sqeed with so much joy :boogie: ! I can't pay for a commission which totally sucks but was still wondering if you would be willing to make a Kayley one (from the movie Quest for Camelot) ? You would then complete my none disney childhood :worship:
God, these are GORGEOUS. So lush and detailed. I love the art nouveau style and you've captured it brilliantly. Amalthea is especially lovely. Ooh, what about Menolly and/or Lessa from Dragonriders of Pern? Rapunzel? Eowyn? Mina Harker and/or Lucy Westenra? Tiffany Aching? (Can you tell I want more?) If you sold a calendar of them I would buy one :)
First of all, incredible work. And I agree with the other posters that Buttercup would be perfect for this lineup. Also was wondering what others would think about Nausicaa from the old Studio Ghibli movie "Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind" I think she would be an awesome addition.
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